Living Here

Living in Riverdale

Educational Resources
Stop by the kiosk at City Hall (pictured to the right) for educational information about Alert Iowa, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Iowa One Call, storm water management, Relay Iowa, the Scott County Bookmobile, Bi-State Regional Commission, and much, much more!

Weather Forecast & River Levels
Check out the local weather forecast by clicking HERE.
Monitor river levels by clicking HERE.  

MidAmerican Energy Company
MidAmerican Energy Company provides electricity and natural gas for properties in Riverdale. Contact MidAmerican Energy Company online or at (877) 427-5632 to set up service or report an outage.

Iowa American Water Company
Iowa American Water provides the water for properties in Riverdale. Contact them online or at (866) 641-2108 to set up service or report issues.

Sewer Billing
The City of Riverdale bills for sewer services on a quarterly basis. Fees may be paid online, in-person at City Hall, or sent via mail to 110 Manor Drive, Riverdale, IA 52722.  To set up sewer billing, call City Hall at (563) 355-2511.

There are several internet, cable, and telephone providers in the area: CenturyLink, Mediacom, and MetroNet. Contact providers directly for pricing and availability.

Trash Collection
Trash is picked up every Monday. If Monday is a holiday, check the Riverdale calendar to see if it will be picked up on Tuesday. Trash should be placed in the container/cart provided by the City's trash service, at the foot of the driveway, by 7:00 a.m., on collection day. Trash (and recycle) fees are paid from the general fund and are not billed directly to residents.  For existing homes, trash (and recycle) bins should be left by the previous owner.  For new builds, trash and recycle bins will be ordered by City staff when you call to set up sewer billing.

Recycling Services
Recycling is picked up every other Monday.  If Monday is a holiday, or to see which dates pickup is scheduled, check the Riverdale calendar. Items must be clean and dry. Not sure what goes in the recycle bin? Visit the website.

Yard Waste
While yard waste is picked up year-round, from April 1st through November 30th, yard waste will be composted if left at the curb in paper bags.  The City of Riverdale does not require a sticker/fee for paper bags.  Branches and twigs should be no longer than 4' long, not to exceed 50#, and bundled with twine or string.  Additionally, residents are permitted to burn yard waste year-round, unless a burn ban is in effect.  Landscape waste can be burned at its place of origin; burning on City streets or in burn barrels is not permitted.  Construction materials cannot be burned and must be hauled away.  Fires cannot be left unattended or left to burn after sundown.

Public Schools
The City of Riverdale is located entirely within the Pleasant Valley Community School District.  Schools that serve our community include Riverdale Heights Elementary School (kindergarten through 6th grade), Pleasant Valley Junior High School (7th and 8th grade), and Pleasant Valley High School (9th through 12th grade).  Pleasant Valley High School and the PV Administration Center are both located right here in Riverdale, Iowa.  PV schools offers bus services to all residents of the City of Riverdale.  For further information, visit the school district's website.

Public Colleges
The Scott Community College main campus is located right here in Riverdale, Iowa!  SCC offers many degree and certificate programs, along with continuing education, professional development, and just for fun classes!

Public Libraries
The Scott County Library System includes branches in Blue Grass, Buffalo, Durant, Eldridge, Princeton, and Walcott, Iowa.  Residents of Riverdale are eligible for a Scott County Library System card, which also entitles them to services at Davenport, Bettendorf, and LeClaire public libraries.  The Scott County Bookmobile makes frequent stops in Riverdale!  Check out their schedule on the Scott County Library System website.  Additionally, the library at Scott Community College is available to users with a Scott County Library System card!

Public Transportation
If you need help getting around, River Bend Transit is here for you.  Their lift-equipped vehicles and courteous drivers specialize in serving people with disabilities and the elderly who may need some assistance.  RBT doesn't operate like a regular city bus service; its busses do not cover a fixed route.  Each trip is designed to meet your individual needs.  All services are open to the general public, and donation-based fees are reasonably low.  Contact River Bend Transit for a ride to your next destination!

County Services
Riverdale, Iowa, is located in Scott County, Iowa.  Scott County is home to several parks, golf courses, swimming pools, and health facilities.  Scott County provides oversight of elections, prisons/jails, clerks of courts, property assessors, and many other departments.

Polling Place/Elections
The Scott County Auditor oversees elections in Scott County.  The County's Election Central website has a plethora of information regarding elections.  Riverdale residents vote at City Hall, 110 Manor Drive, Riverdale, IA.

While there are no hospitals in Riverdale, the two closest hospitals are Genesis Medical Center, located at 1227 East Rusholme Street, Davenport, Iowa, and Unity Point Health, located at 4500 Utica Ridge Road, Bettendorf, Iowa.  If you need ambulance transportation to a hospital, dial 9-1-1 from the nearest telephone. 

Emergency Services
In the event of an emergency, dial 9-1-1 from the nearest telephone.  The City of Riverdale does not have a police force; the Scott County Sheriff responds to calls within the City.  The Scott County Sheriff non-emergency number is (563) 326-8625.  The Scott County Sheriff is authorized to enforce City codes; therefore, if you see something, say something.  If you have a mental health or substance abuse crisis, 9-8-8 for assistance.

Fire Department
Founded in 1960, the Riverdale Fire Department is staffed 100% by dedicated volunteers. Training sessions are held every Monday evening beginning at 6:30 p.m. Reach the department for non-emergency situations at (563) 355-2211 or visit their page on this website.

Riverdale is home to several parks:

  • Bicentennial Park - Located at the intersection of Manor and Circle Drives, Bicentennial Park includes a playground, shelter, limited parking, and basketball court.
  • Peggy's Park - Located at the intersection of Kensington Street and Sycamore Lane, Peggy's Park includes a playground, picnic tables, and basketball court.
  • VanGundy Park - Located at the intersection of State and Kensington Streets, VanGundy Park hosts the Duck Creek Bicycle Path trailhead, limited trail parking, a water fountain, and a nice place to rest along the trail. 
  • Volunteer Square Park - Located at the intersection of Manor and Windsor Drives, Volunteer Square Park is a lush, partially shaded, oasis in the middle of the city.  It's generous gazebo is the perfect place for a weekend picnic or special event.
  • John Welch Park - Located in the triangle between Deerbook, Pleasant Hills, and Woods Estates, John Welch Park is a nature area that includes RHK Trail, a walking path that makes a loop throughout the park.  

Riverdale is home to two independent trails:

  • Duck Creek Bicycle Path - The DCBP trail head is located on Kensington Street near State Street. The DCBP spans approximately 15 miles and wanders through Riverdale, Bettendorf, and Davenport.  It's a fully paved trail that is pet-friendly and free to use!
  • Mississippi River Trail - In the Quad City region, the MRT spans approximately 19 miles and passes through Buffalo, Davenport, Bettendorf, and Riverdale. However, the MRT is part of a larger trail system proposed from the head of the Mississippi River at Itasca, Minnesota, to the Gulf of Mexico, approximately 3,000 miles long. The MRT is paved, pet-friendly, and free to use!

Facility Rentals
The community room and council chambers at City Hall, along with the park shelter at Bicentennial Park and gazebo at Volunteer Square Park, are available to reserve for your special event. Check the calendar for availability, complete rental forms (which can be found on this website by selecting Documents from the home screen, then Forms), and contact City Hall at (563) 355-2511 to make your reservation.

Building in Riverdale

One Call
The One Call law requires that anyone excavating, including digging, must contact Iowa One Call at least 48 hours in advance to digging to minimize the risk of damage to underground facilities, including electric, gas, communications, water, and sewer lines. Visit the One Call website or call 800-292-8989.

Excavation in the Right-of-Way Permit
Companies or individuals wishing to excavate in the right-of-way must obtain a permit from the City of Riverdale prior to disturbing the ground.  Access the form by clicking HERE and selecting "Forms."

Driveway Approach Permit
Driveway approach permits must be obtained from the City of Riverdale prior to any modification or installation of driveway approaches.  Access the form by clicking HERE and selecting "Forms."

Construction Site Erosion and Sediment Control (COSESCO) Permits
COSESCO permits must be obtained from the City of Riverdale prior to any land disturbing activity.  Access the form by clicking HERE and selecting "Forms."

Sanitary Sewer Connection Permit
Sanitary sewer connection permits must be obtained from the City of Riverdale prior to connecting sewer and water lines. Access the form by clicking HERE and selecting "Forms."

Other Permits
For all other permits, inspections, etc., contact Scott County Planning and Zoning or call (563) 326-8643.

Zoning Board of Adjustment
For those building or making improvements in Riverdale, the Zoning Board of Adjustment (ZBA) offers variances to Zoning Ordinances when necessary.  If you have a site plan that has been denied by the Zoning Inspector, simply complete an Application for Variance by clicking HERE and submit it to  The Zoning Inspector will schedule a public hearing, and the ZBA will make a determination on the request.  ZBA decisions are final and there is no right of appeal.  Be aware that the variance process can take up to 3 months to complete from site plan denial to decision.  Please contact the Zoning Inspector at (563) 355-2511 with questions.

Iowa Department of Natural Resources
The Iowa Department of Natural Resources manages fish and wildlife programs, ensures the health of Iowa’s forests and prairies, and provides recreational opportunities in Iowa’s state parks. Just as importantly, the DNR carries out state and federal laws that protect air, land and water through technical assistance, permitting and compliance programs. The DNR also encourages the enjoyment and stewardship of natural resources among Iowans through outreach and education.  Reach the Iowa DNR at:  Jacob Forgie, Environmental Specialist, Field Services Compliance Bureau, 1023 W Madison St, Washington, IA 52353, (319) 460-0039,  If you see or are aware of storm water issues in the City of Riverdale, please call City Hall at (563) 355-2511.

Iowa Statewide Urban Design and Specifications (SUDAS)
SUDAS (pronounced “soo’dahs”) is short for Statewide Urban Design and Specifications. The Institute for Transportation at Iowa State University maintains Iowa’s SUDAS manuals for public improvements. Developing and maintaining Iowa’s unique SUDAS manuals is the result of a lengthy and painstaking effort by more than 300 stakeholders across the state.  Access the Iowa SUDAS manual by visiting the Iowa State University Institute for Transportation website and clicking on "View the Specifications Manual."