Fire Department

Founded in 1960, the Riverdale Fire Department is staffed 100% by dedicated volunteers. Training sessions are held every Monday evening starting at 6:30 p.m. Reach the Department (for non-emergency situations) at (563) 355-2211 or at  Follow the Department on Facebook!  Find our Standard Operating Guidelines and Volunteer Application under "Documents" on the City's homepage (


The mission of the Riverdale Fire Department is to prevent the incidence and reduce the severity of fire by changing the environment and/or human behavior, to prevent the loss of life and minimize property loss by confining and extinguishing fires, to prevent the loss of life and minimize property loss by the immediate response to and management of emergencies, and to improve the delivery of fire prevention, suppression, and emergency response through the efficient management of personnel and fiscal resources.


Chris Bernard, Chief
Randy Bowers, 1st Assistant Chief
Eric Hupp, 2nd Assistant Chief
Rodney Fink, Captain
Kevin Kluger, Captain
George Miller, Lieutenant
Chelsea Jewell, Lieutenant
Philip Bowers, President
Jon Clinton, Vice President